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Kids and Anxiety

I don’t have anxiety.  But I worry and I can find myself perseverating on issues, but it’s not all the time.  Or at least I don’t think I do.  But my older kid and I just had a conversation about … Continue reading

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My New Mantra – Single Parenting College Kids

We went through a tough time this summer.  My motherly instinct was fully charged with helping, reminding and desperately trying to help my college kids to avoid learning their lessons the hard way.  I encouraged being proactive instead of procrastinating. … Continue reading

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Allowing Kids To Learn The Hard Way

It’s tough out there as we all know.  It’s even harder when we see our kid suffering because we want to make it easier for them.  We’d take the suffering before we’d allow them to experience it.  But that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Advice Requested Please

Dear Divorced Parents, Advice needed.  Help wanted in co-parenting please. I’m trying to be all zen about the divorced co-parenting situation with my Ex.  But honestly, I have to say that it’s surreal to me that there’s been no response … Continue reading

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These days I’m focused more on my kids than anything else.  Being a single, divorced parent does that to us I think, especially when your former other half has checked out.  Not laser focused mind you, just keeping the kids … Continue reading

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