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Saturday Ponderings

I’m trying to make up lists for the kids and for anyone who may be here after I get out of the hospital. Making a calendar of when garbage goes out, recycling, and daily chores that I do has been … Continue reading

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Everybody Reacts Differently

I’m still in the phase of trying to wrap my mind around the whole situation here at Chez Leeds. I don’t think anyone’s ready for the words, ‘open heart surgery’ at any age, let alone at 55 after having so … Continue reading

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I’m Teary Today

It’s a drizzly day here so maybe that’s the reason.  Maybe the gloomy weather has me down.  Maybe it’s that there has been a lot of sadness in my life lately as three people passed away.  Not directly related to … Continue reading

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Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination

I know for me, I get wrapped up the cyclical question of  Where Am I Going?  with frequency these days.  I have to literally hop out of my train of thinking before I make myself weepy with the way my … Continue reading

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