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When You Can’t Go No Contact With A Narcissist

Let’s face it.  If you’ve read any of those great blogs which write about breaking up with a narcissist, you know that it’s always suggested that you go no contact for your own healing and well being.  Because once the … Continue reading

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Conversations With Myself

Do you ever stop and listen to the thoughts you have all day long?  Are you ever aware of the conversations you have with yourself or better said, yourselves?  Because yesterday was a tremendously hard day for me and my … Continue reading

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The Potpourri of Blogging Comments

I like blogging and I like making connections with people.  I enjoy the banter, the giggles and being engaged in discussions and seeing the other side of issues.  I’ve been grateful for all the advice you’ve sent my way and … Continue reading

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Adding A Flavorful Touch

I know, you were thinking that this might be a post about food.  But ha ha – fooled you!  And no, that’s not a photo of me either.  I’m not a big fan of everyday cooking!  Nope!  Far from it.  … Continue reading

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Starting Over Finding the Perfect Home

The divorce is winding down.  Closing date will be here soon and we have no place to move to at this time.  Nonetheless, I am still looking for a new place for my kids and me to live happily, all … Continue reading

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