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Stop Being Strong

You have a choice to stop being strong when it’s not helping you.  I watched my kid be strong through the divorce and turn off his feelings.  He bottled up all the emotion, the pain, the disappointment and armored himself … Continue reading

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How To Move On From Divorce

A sweet blogging friend of mine asked for advice in her latest blog, Am I Brave Enough? and I’m honored that she mentioned my blog since we have experienced similar situations.  She says: If you have any practical, spiritual or … Continue reading

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Nowhere Man

This song reminds me of my Ex and what I’d like to say to him someday, but I refrain.  It doesn’t matter anyway because he’s disconnected and doesn’t talk to anyone really.  But it’s interesting how the Beatles’ song came … Continue reading

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Advice Requested Please

Dear Divorced Parents, Advice needed.  Help wanted in co-parenting please. I’m trying to be all zen about the divorced co-parenting situation with my Ex.  But honestly, I have to say that it’s surreal to me that there’s been no response … Continue reading

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You Can’t Co-Parent From The Nothing Box

I call it the nothing box.  That’s where my Ex lives most of the time since we’ve been separated and now divorced.  Have you ever heard of the nothing box? Well, I call it the nothing box because he simply … Continue reading

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