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Being Present – Parenting Tip And Story

I wanted to follow up to yesterday’s post share. I’m not telling you how to parent, but I’ve found that the key to good parenting as a divorced Mom with primary custody of her sons is universal to all parenting … Continue reading

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You Bet I’m A Nag!

So with all the anger and resentment the kids had over the holidays with ex and his family, I listened to them patiently and tried to help them to heal without getting in the middle of the ruckus.  I gave … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and Family

Yup, I’m starting off Monday with a double whopper of potentially explosive words – Thanksgiving and Family.  Maybe you don’t find them to be like mine fields, but they have the potential in my life to be loaded.  How about … Continue reading

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I Release You

I release you, and your relationship with our kids. That is your business, not mine. My relationship with them is on me. Yours is on you. I will hug them and dry their tears when needed. I will always be … Continue reading

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Last Night I Succumbed

I succumbed last night to the treachery. I’m not proud of the display which I performed. I let out some of your secrets to our unsuspecting kids. Rattled by the wool you and your family herd have packed onto them. … Continue reading

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Helping Your Kid Deal With The New Woman In Your Ex’s Life

I was having a conversation with one of my kids yesterday when he blithely referred to his divorced father’s girlfriend as the Bitch.   I was shocked by the word (although he’s of the age when he can curse) and I … Continue reading

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Calling You Out

Dear EX, I’m getting close to calling you out.  My frustration levels are increasing with your silent treatment.  You claim to put the kids first, but it is you whom you put first as the kids have told me that … Continue reading

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Cutting The Ties That Bind Me

It’s not easy for me to let go.  Let me just say that upfront.  I am the type of person who tries to see the big picture, to give the benefit of the doubt and to try not to take … Continue reading

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Grab Onto The Priceless Moments

I count priceless moments everyday.  My life may not seem terribly successful to the outsider looking in.  But to me, it is chock full of love, light and happiness.  I am uplifted when I feel I’ve made a difference.  To … Continue reading

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