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Last Night I Succumbed

I succumbed last night to the treachery. I’m not proud of the display which I performed. I let out some of your secrets to our unsuspecting kids. Rattled by the wool you and your family herd have packed onto them. … Continue reading

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Tame Jane

Tame name blame same came fame pain sane plain Jane. I became Janie when he left.  Resurrecting the woman I once was before marriage, before children, before losing myself in him.  The woman who stood strong and firm.  The one … Continue reading

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What I Believe

I believe: in love, even though I’m divorced. I believe in fairy tales and wearing rose-colored glasses sometimes. I believe that a heartfelt embrace means more than a thousand thoughtless words. I believe: in grieving, sobbing and crying when I … Continue reading

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Irrelevant – A Poem

It is irrelevant to you what I say or do. And to your obsessive family who gossip about me but have no clue. I’ve taken the high road more often than not to save my kids the distress of seeing … Continue reading

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Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone Let me go on my way not looking back in sadness but standing on my own feet now and looking out towards the future. Design my own life one without the past one separate from the us … Continue reading

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Weeping Madly

I’ve wept until I was dehydrated, until no tears could form. I’ve wept until I fell asleep, on the bathroom floor. I’ve wept until I threw up my tummy tied in knots. I’ve wept until I wiped you out of … Continue reading

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Like a startled bee, you stung me. Left me bleeding from the wound you inflicted. Not caring if I bled out into nothingness. I couldn’t comprehend your callousness after all of these years we spent together in marriage. How could … Continue reading

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