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Tame Jane

Tame name blame same came fame pain sane plain Jane. I became Janie when he left.  Resurrecting the woman I once was before marriage, before children, before losing myself in him.  The woman who stood strong and firm.  The one … Continue reading

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Heart of the Matter

This song popped into my head other day and it reminded me of a time when I saw a friend’s son sing this song while I sat between his mom and dad who are divorced.  At the time, I was … Continue reading

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Irrelevant – A Poem

It is irrelevant to you what I say or do. And to your obsessive family who gossip about me but have no clue. I’ve taken the high road more often than not to save my kids the distress of seeing … Continue reading

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Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone Let me go on my way not looking back in sadness but standing on my own feet now and looking out towards the future. Design my own life one without the past one separate from the us … Continue reading

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I heard this song on the radio the other day.  I sang along with it as I’ve heard it before, but when I got home, I looked it up and found the video below.  I love that it has the … Continue reading

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Tentative In Dating

Tentative woman seeking kind man to date.  Tentative as in she’s divorced after more than 20 years of marriage, but she’s healed her heart.  Tentative because she’s experienced the dark side of love, but she’s still full of hope that … Continue reading

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Lies Are Sticky

I think some of us have EX’s who believe their own lies.  How do you handle it when the kids come home with Daddy said blah blah blah and you know damn well that none of it is true?  Or … Continue reading

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