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I need a safe place to vent so here I am. I told the landlords via text that I am having surgery so I was dropping off the June and July rent checks. In that same text, I told them … Continue reading

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I Can’t Stop Crying

I know it’s silly. I mean, crying doesn’t do much, but I can’t stop the tears from flowing down my face this morning. It’s really early, just the pup and me up, so I thought I’d write because I just … Continue reading

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MRI Update

So I asked the older kid to come with me to the brain MRI. I wasn’t going to ask him. I was just going by myself like I’ve done so many other times even though I’m hugely claustrophobic and hate … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell The Kids When I’m Ready

I thought I was going to tell the kids the other day, but that didn’t happen. Puppy peed on the floor and one kid was so annoyed that I didn’t want to add to the chaos. And then also, because … Continue reading

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Sticks And Stones

Tempers are heightened around the holidays and it’s like walking through a mine field these days with everyone being so sensitive and easily upset by the littlest thing.  It’s hard to find peace when people are so touchy and grouchy.  … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep Because Holidays Are Coming

I can’t seem to sleep lately and when I do, I’m bombarded by crazy dreams.  I guess it’s the upcoming family filled holidays that are thwarting any possibility of peace.  Maybe it’s because I feel sad and alone.  Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Finding The Tool Kit Of Independence

My toilet needed help as it wasn’t working properly.  The chain that connects the stopper to the metal arm had broken.  It broke awhile ago and I rigged it with a safety pin which worked great for awhile until it … Continue reading

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I Want To Be Greedy

I want to be greedy.  I want it all and yet, I cannot, for I know me, and that is not my way.  While I yearn to leave it all behind and go to him, I stand by my responsibilities … Continue reading

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