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‘Twas A Long Weekend Indeed

Ok, so my last post about the cranky kid and detoxifying the kids after spending many hours with their dad and his family evolved into a bunch of different conversations with each of the kids over the past few days. … Continue reading

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It’s All In The Way We Speak

When someone tells me what to do, I don’t like it. Not that I’m against authority. No, but if you’re insisting I read a certain book or act as if you are my professor, I don’t find it fun. When … Continue reading

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Is A College Degree Necessary Anymore?

It’s been a few days fraught with dissension here at Chez Leeds. I firmly believe in finishing your college education and I have never wavered from it. Get your degree because that is something nobody can take away from you. … Continue reading

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Getting A Little Better And Looking On The Bright Side

Well, we’ve made it home finally. I’m exhausted as you can imagine, but at least we’re home. Now he’s just got to take meds and work on his breathing. And so we are just going to concentrate on healing him. … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You How I Feel

I told my college kid how I felt the other day.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be said.  We’ve always had an incredibly honest relationship.  The unconditional love is there so at times, we’ve been more honest than … Continue reading

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