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Fighting Like High School Girls

I have some friends/acquaintances who are going at it hard, fighting on social media. It’s bizarre to me as it’s reminiscent of mean girl fights in high school which I stayed away from at all costs. Middle-aged women snapping at … Continue reading

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Cranky Gen X Observations

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, it seemed like every Mom had something to say about their kid. While I don’t share photographs of my kids on social media, it made me think about how different we are from our parents … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Looking For Trouble

I find it easier to stay silent when there’s trouble brewing. That’s why you find me not always posting because I need to process what’s going on and deal with it myself. While your support means so much to me, … Continue reading

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Nostalgia And Letting Go

Friends of mine just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  Splashed across social media were the photos of their wedding day which I attended and remember well.  It was a wonderful day and I am truly happy for them. It’s funny … Continue reading

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How Divorce Affects the Whole Family

There’s no denying that divorce affects the whole family.  Not just the parents who are divorcing nor the children involved.  It affects the whole family unit, including the other family members who are now tossed into the fray and choosing … Continue reading

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